Poly wire and poly rope is made with a UV stabilized high density polyethylene (HDPE)
support yarn and stainless steel conductors. There can be as few as three ends of steel
conductors up to nine ends.

Poly wire sold in:

660′ Rolls
825′ Rolls
1320′ Rolls

Poly rope sold in:

660′ Rolls

Poly wire is 1/8″ diameter with 3 or 6 ends of 7 mil stainless steel wire and 18 ends of 15 mil polypropylene.

Poly rope is 1/4″ diameter, twisted using bundles of polypropylene with 9 ends of 12 mil stainless steel wire.

Excellent Conductivity
High Visibility
Easy to Work with and Light Weight
Weather Resistant
Resists Sagging
Low Wind Resistance

Colors can be customized.

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